Review of an Writing Service

Everyone who is looking to buy term papers online will have to deal with internet writing services. Over the course of years, this market has grown so extensively that a student searching for cheap research papers for sale needs to be very careful with who he decides to work with. To eliminate the possibility of a fraud, we've conducted a study of one of the most popular writing services Here are our findings that will help you to decide whether you should seek a writing help online from this company.

What They Offer

As far as the available services go, seems to be dealing only with the academic type of writing. For anyone who's looking for writing assistance with anything more than a school project, this website has nothing to offer. However, students seem to be in luck because promises to successfully help with any type of academic assignments, whether they are essays, dissertations, reviews, proposals, simple homework or critiques. In order to check the level of work offers, we've ordered an academic essay from them.

The Quality of Writing 

The essay we've placed an order for was about the role of Alexander Hamilton in American history and was supposed to have four pages. There are different options of how fast your essay can be produced, but we decided to go for the cheapest essay and the longest available time limit and requested to receive it in two weeks. If you're in a hurry, you'll accordingly have to pay more. 

The general impression of the writer was initially positive. She politely gave answers to all our questions; however, it took her quite awhile to do so. Eventually, the delayed responses started becoming frustrating despite the fact that we weren't under an extreme time pressure. Those who are looking for how to write a good essay fast might find such speed of responses even more of a problem. 

While the delayed answers could have been forgiven, the quality of the paper, which we received, was simply appalling. The website admits that people working in the customer support weren't speaking English as their first language, but it was obvious that the writer also didn't grow up in the English speaking environment. The text was riddled with simple mistakes that a native speaker could notice immediately. The essay wasn't worth a penny we paid for it.

The Prices

The owners of this website must be aware of the poor quality of writing service they offer because their prices are also below average. On the one hand, you might find it tempting and consider it to be a good deal. However, the low price of assignments also means low wages for writers, and you can't expect to find competent writers who would agree to work for nothing. If you analyze this situation, you come to a conclusion that the company employs people from less developed countries because they're less demanding money-wise. 

We were also curious if the company has a system of discounts as many other services do but couldn't find anything. At the same time, this might be due to the fact that their website is so confusing that you can't easily find any necessary information. So even if they do have discounts, good luck with finding them.

Pros and Cons

So it's time to sum up what we have found out. Let's begin with the positive - their blog posts could be somehow useful and the customer supporters were polite enough. That's it. We won't dive into all negative aspects because it will take too long, but still want to highlight the worst ones. The quality of writing is horrible, the website is completely useless and most their "customer reviews" have probably been written by the writers themselves because they simply cannot be real.

We hope this review has been helpful in avoiding a shady writing organization.