Why Students Pay for Essays
7 May, 2018 in default category name

There is a new trend that can be observed in education: a lot of students prefer to order an academic essay online. Today, there are a lot of companies that offer research paper help. This trend raises an important issue of the quality of modern education and also such questions as student ethics, plagiarism, etc. One can ask: why do students want to do it and are there any consequences?

Tired or just lazy students have preferred cheating for generations. Students often have so many things to do, so they can either present the already written paper as their own or ask other mates to write a paper for them. One of the ways to write a paper that students often use is just copying parts from other works and pasting them in their own one. It is one of the urgent problems nowadays, and a lot of professors use special programs to detect plagiarism. 

Moreover, a lot of students just find some authors online to write a work for them. However, it cannot be claimed as plagiarism. According to the definition of plagiarism, it represents an act of stealing other people’s ideas and presenting them as your own. When students order papers online, they certainly do not steal them. They have to pay for essay instead.

Of course, there are some points against using work of online writers:

• Moral issues. A lot of college professors still consider ordering the works as plagiarism. Sometimes, students can face bad consequences if someone finds out how they have got their paper.

• Skills development. If you don’t make your written assignments yourself, you can lose an opportunity to develop your writing skills.

• Better working skills. By doing your tasks on your own, you develop as a hard-working future employee. 

Given those reasons, we can understand that some people consider ordering cheap essays online as cheating. Nevertheless, there is always the other side of the story. Here are some reasons proving that sometimes, you have to order your work and pay for it. 

• Too many things to do. Although teachers and professors may think students have plenty of time for making their assignments, it is not true. A lot of students have jobs, families, and other extracurricular activities. They can physically have no time for writing.

• Rivalry. Students have to buy works so that they will have a higher level of quality. There’s always a competition inside the group.

• Professors are not able to distinguish. Nobody can really tell that your new work doesn’t remind of your old writing style. They will also be not able to find plagiarism if the work is original.

• Writing is someone’s business. Let professionals do their job.

• Not your field of interest. Sometimes the works we have to write in college in no way correspond to our interests and plans for the future.

So the issue proves to be a two-edged sword. School teachers and university professors may certainly not approve this. Of course, ordering a work to be written and then claiming it to be your own may seem a little bit unfair. By doing this, you neglect the course your professor/teacher decided for you to learn. You may definitely miss some important information or even a chance to gain new experience. And what is an essay after all? Is it really so hard to be written?

On the contrary, students face unreasonable workload and professors just seem not to understand their problems. A writing helper is not such a bad idea after all. 

Who is right?

It is known that in America tuition costs are constantly rising. Many students have to work hard to avoid piling up of the debts at such a young age. As a consequence, they work more and study less.

Moreover, according to the surveys, only the third part of the high school students has a good preparation for college. 

So is there any way to solve this dilemma? We wish we could order the answer online.